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Wintering Event


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• 박원순 개인전 SNS (@parkwonsoon.solo.exhibition)
mixed media
dimensions variable


In the summer of 2018, the Seoul mayor lived in a rooftop house in Samyang-dong, northern Seoul, for about a month. He announced that he would spend the same winter in Geumcheon-gu, but the plan has been postponed. Writer Park Won-soon prepared a wintering event for the delayed plan.


"It's a contest for all Seoulites to participate, and we'll give a total of 100 people a comprehensive set of rooftop wintering!" 

CMYK is a mixed-sex duo formed to launch guerrilla operations of love and justice. As a first operation, he participated in <Black Market> held in the tent village of Gwanghwamun artist in December 2016 and made secret deals with citizens.

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